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Vital Source offers you a wide-range of services for your quality products.

Custom Manufacturing / Private Label / Store Brand

Formulation & Product Development

Small to Large Batch Production

Analytical Testing

Microbiology Testing

Product licensing

Our business is to help you and, make your product a reality.
We will help you to build an image that conveys absolute confidence in the superior quality and reliability of your products.


Powder Blending

Our blender infrastructure supports our tablet and capsule operations as well as provides us with the extra capacity to address ready-to-mix beverage powders and other applications.


Tablet Forming

Tablets are the most common dosage form for Supplement. Our state of the art technology with years of experience makes us an ideal partner for large or small production challenges.

Hard Shell Capsules

Hard Capsule Filling

Hard Shell Capsules are widely used due to its convenient administration and coloring possibilities. The sophisticated high-speed capsule filling equipment produces vegetarian and gelatin, two pieces hard shell capsules.



Softgel (soft gelatin) capsule is a one piece, durability to protect the inner material from the atmospheric oxidation. Vital Source provides various Softgel products ranging from natural, herbal to vitamin supplements.

Custom Packaging (Bottling / Powder Filling / Liquid Filling)

Our packaging lines provide a wide range of packaging options including HDPE, PET, Glass bottles. We also offer induction sealing, neck banding, full body sleeves, labelling and imprinting options.

Private Label Service

Private Label is great way to build and expand your business.
We have hundreds of stock formulas and products ready for your custom label and brand. We help your product development need from a variety of product forms: Tablet, Softgel, Capsule, Powder, Liquid and Gummy. Based on well-organized quality R&D system, industry experiences and extensive cooperation, we offer you a very strong capability enable us to work together.
We look forward to working with you to research and formulate a cost effective solution and the best possible products according to your requirements.

Our Services